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Water purifier delivers pure beverage in a very cost-effective way than the beverage.  There is no certified evidence that beverages are always pure. it has been found repeatedly that the beverage contains harmful contaminants confine mind, however, that the water standard and household water usage fully support this schedule. How RO-UV-UF water purifier works

When we believe the water accessible reception, the first thing that strikes in your mind is probably the actual fact that, is that the water safe to drink? the quality of the water system may vary from place to place but there’s one thing in common that’s, the traces of the impurities which flow out of your tap no matter how good the municipal water treatment facility is. We may observe that the water beginning of the tap looks clean but still there are many impurities in it. the only solution to make sure you always drink pure water which is safe from every kind of impurities is, to possess the only water purification system in your home.


To remove contaminants from the beverage, the RO water purifier employs the foremost sophisticated water purification technology available. Since every impurity cannot be removed by one water purification process. As a mixture of water purification technologies like RO, UV, and UF is employed to supply safe and clean water.
Improves the Taste of Water
RO water purifiers remove bad taste and odor-causing agents and provide a much better taste of the beverage like chlorine and other bacterial impurities. The pre-carbon filters within the simplest RO UV water purifier absorb all the chemicals. At the ultimate step of purification, the Kent RO water purifier includes a post-carbon filter to make sure that the water is obvious of any residual pollutants. from the beverage.

Reduce the danger of Cancer

It decreases the risk of carcinoma, rectal cancer, and bladder cancer by removing lead and other heavy metals from the beverage. Carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) are defined as chlorine that interacts with other pollutants to supply by-products. Which can be readily eliminated with the assistance of a trustworthy water purifier.
Water purifier KENT Super Star RO UV.

Protects against diseases

Because it fully eliminates all disease-causing bacteria from the beverage, it protects the body from water-borne illness. It decreases the risk of gastrointestinal illness by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from the water.
Retains Essential Minerals
Retains the natural minerals of the beverage that are essential for our body to live a healthy life. The Kent Service in Uttar Pradesh water purifier has an inbuilt TDS controller that allows it to deliver beverages while also maintaining the beverage’s pH.

Maintains Kids Health

The RO UV water purifier provides clean water, which is particularly vital for growing children. Children’s mental and physical development requires purified beverages. Drinking pure water helps create a robust system and protects them from different health problems. The growing bodies of young children are readily impacted by pollutants and cause many health concerns.

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KENT RO Purifier flow chart

To explain the working of an RO water purifier. we provide you the flow chart of the Kent RO water purifier. It shows the varied purification stages within the RO water purifier. Before reaching the RO membrane the raw water is skilled the sediment filter and activated carbon filter where all the suspended particles are removed through sediment filters. The removal of chlorine and other organic chemicals which can unpleasant smell and taste of the water are removed by activated carbon filters. Because these contaminants created blockage inside the RO membrane, both filters extend the life of the membrane.

After that, the water is skilled the RO membrane struggling. Here all the dissolved impurities like heavy metals are removed. Water then passes through UF membrane to urge obviate bacteria and cyst. The traditional RO purification process is utilized in other water purifiers. All the minerals are washed away. To require care of these minerals Kent RO water purifiers has an inbuilt TDS controller. The water is exposed to a UV lamp. Kills all dangerous microorganisms that cause a variety of harmful water-borne illnesses due to the high-intensity UV rays. A post carbon filter is used to ensure that you get the cleanest beverage possible. It ensures that the beverage has no undesirable odour or flavor.

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