7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nantes

Nantes is a cute atmospheric city in western France. Actually, this is a university city where you can see old universities, historic buildings, cultural objects, and beautiful nature. If you live somewhere in France or even abroad and looking for a nice place to spend time with your family or friends, use car hire Nantes. Of course, Nantes is a mostly walkable city but you’ll get maximum enjoyment if you go by car to see the city’s stunning sceneries. Stop your hired car where you think you need to take the most beautiful pictures. 

Bassin Saint-Felix, Nantes

Nantes Reputation

  • It is friendly

Nantes has a reputation as an extremely friendly city. First of all, the city is always full of students. Also, you can see many industrial and art objects everywhere. People really work hard to make their city even more beautiful and presentable for tourists and city guests than it was before. Still, Nantes is a capital with a gentle and friendly atmosphere and easy-going people.

  • It is walkable

As it was said before if you want to make the most of your trip, hire a car in Nantes. Nevertheless, be ready to leave the car at the hotel parking and walk around. You can start from the central street and move on to any place or object that is especially interesting. There is a hint for tourists. All the objects that are recommended to visit are painted a green line. Just follow the line and you will never lose anything interesting.

Macarons in Nantes

What to see in Nantes

  • City Art Installations

Of course, if you want to know more about French culture go to Musee d’Art in Nantes. The huge marble building is divided into different houses, devoted to expositions of many periods. Here, you can see the genius works of Monet, Kadinsky, and Picasso. The main gallery has many works from the 1200s to 1800s. If you can’t go to the museum for any reason, just leave your hired car and walk through the city around the museum. This location is full of art installations of many forms and textures.

  • Art On The River Banks

Nantes is spread on the river banks. The picturesque coasts are covered with green fields and flowered valleys. Drive your hired car to the waterfront and see it touches the ocean. Your journey will be filled with different natural wonders. Actually, the road from the city to Saint-Nazaire, the lively port, counts more than 30 installations. Some of them are really amazing. Don’t miss an old house in the middle of the river or a crashed yacht just at the bank.

  • Boutique Hotels

Nantes as a tourist city has a big selection of hotels and hostels. Most of them are really affordable. So, it is time to pick the most beautiful one. Check-in at the Hotel Pommeraye. Actually, it is positioned as a boutique hotel with well-furnished rooms, minimalist decoration, and interesting art installations included.

  • Local chocolatiers

They say that chocolate came to Nantes in the 1700s. Now, people go crazy about coffee, cocoa, and their unique mixes. Therefore, chocolatiers have appeared all over the city and you can visit any of them.

  • Mechanical Elephant

Are you fond of Jules Verne’s stories? Many years ago locals were inspired by this author and his books. You can see a huge mechanical elephant in the city square and even ride this unique machine. Actually, the elephant has become a popular attraction for tourists. There is a carousel on the square where kids and adults have fun by riding a strange-looking spider or pterodactyl.

Nantes Elephant

  • Cheap cafes

Find a café where you can spend no more than 30 EUR on your dinner. It’s really cheap for such a popular tourist object as Nantes. By the way, not many cities can boast their cheap eateries. Nantes doesn’t have shining restaurants with Michelin stars, but it has many interesting cafes with young rising chefs concentrated on traditional ingredients, especially seafood.

  • Beach Day Trips

If you are bored in the city, you can hire a car and drive to the beach. This must be a new beach adventure. Besides, the mild local climate makes it possible to travel to the sea in summer and in winter. Just watch the local nature, pine forests, high dunes, and beautiful islands. The nearest island is just a few hours driving from the city.

Nantes is an ideal destination for a lazy vacation. People, especially Parisians, are used to spending their free weekends in Nantes, walking, admiring nature attractions, driving to the sea, and dining for cheap. And if you are traveling to France for the first time, don’t forget to hire a car to see everything that Nantes can show you.

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