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Best Makeup Tips and Products for Eye Makeup

If you are searching for the best makeup tips and products for eye makeup, then this would be your last search on the Internet. There are so many easy hacks for your eye makeup that would ease the process by 100x. In this article, we have mentioned the 18 best tips and products for your eye makeup. These tips will include an easy process of everything that disturbs your eye makeup like how to finally perfect your winged eyeliner, when and where to apply concealer, and many more. 

So, get ready with your makeup kit and start following the process. 

18 Best Makeup tips and products for your eye makeup.

This section will cover all the major tips for makeup that will help you in flaunting your fantastic sharp eyes. 

  • Apply concealer after foundation

It is a basic mistake that we always perform with our eye makeup. You should always keep in mind that the concealer should always be used after applying foundation. This is because the first layer of foundation will help in minimizing the discoloration and redness if any. This will become a smooth platform or a base for the other products to settle perfectly deep into the layer of the skin. If you also want to prevent caking and creasing, then the foundation is also the best solution for this. After applying foundation, correct the mistakes or left-out portions with the concealer that will give you the perfect sharp eyes. 

  • Maintain your eyebrows with a spoolie brush

A spoolie brush will handle all the deformities in your eyebrows. After applying powder gels or any pencils, make sure you touch up your experience with spoolie brush or those mascara wands. It is the easiest way to touch up your eyebrows on your busy schedule. 

  •  Exfoliate your lips before applying lipsticks

If your lipstick doesn’t go smooth on your lips, then you should try something else. This basic trick or a hack will give you the most perfect lipstick lip you ever had. Try physical exfoliation, this will help to make your lips smooth and soft, which will become the perfect canvas for your lipsticks. There is one more thing which you should always keep in mind is that lip scrubs should only be a maximum of one time a week to maintain the quality and redness of your lips, and also to prevent irritation. 

  • Don’t forget blush 

Blush is one of the most underrated products but it can give you the best results that you might be expecting. The best result of blush includes giving a fresh feel and rejuvenated skin that will add a fair amount of depth to your face. Just make sure you pick up the right blush for your skin, which will suit your skin tone and settle perfectly. 

  • Pencil liner

Pencil liner is the next best thing that you are using on your eyes to give them a perfect touch and glow. Pencil liner is best known for providing sharp touch to your eyes without any spill and other things. 

Tip: Before you use pencil liner on your eyebrows, melt it so it becomes easy to guide. Hold the liner on the tip of the frame and until it becomes tacky, remove and allow it to settle. Now, you can use your hands to test the level of hotness. Once comfortable, you can use this pencil liner to style your eyes. 

  • Make your eyeshadow pop with your white eyeliner

To give a special touch to your eyes, make your eyeshadow pop with white eyeliner. This way your eyeliner will appear more vibrant and more classy. This tip will make your eyeshadow glow more with some extra features. Now you are ready for the party, just wear a corset with straps, and you will look amazing with this eye makeup. 

  • Outline your cat’s eyes

Outlining is very necessary to give perfect shape to your eyes. You can try something new like extending a line beyond your lower lash to create a nice effect. You can also try making upper lash which will increase the length of your eyes. Make sure everything looks symmetrical. 

  • Use a spoon as a stencil for winged liner

You can use a spoon as a stencil to draw free-hand cat eyes. Put the corners of the spoon on the outer corner of your eye, and slide the liner by the edges of the spoon for a smooth finish cat-eye. If you want to grab a curved, outer-edged cat eye, then use the head of the spoon. Cover your eyes with the head of the spoon and then slide the liner by the edges of the spoon. This trick will give you fantastic, salon-finished cat eyes. 

  • Want smoky eyes? Try this

If you want a hack that will give you smoky eyes at your home, then this point is for you. This is very understandable that the smoky eyes can go sloppy from sultry within seconds if not done perfectly. We understand this problem, and thus come up with a hack. Try drawing a slanted hashtag with the help of a creamy eyeliner on the outer third of your eyelid. Make sure you are not drawing it with a dark color. For a smooth finish, you can use a smudging brush or a sponge. Keep in mind that you are drawing a slanted hashtag that is symmetrical on both eyes. Now, once done with this, try doing smoky eyes effect by the edges of this hashtag drawn. This will ease your work with utmost perfection. 

  •  Mascara Shield 

It feels irritating when you are almost done with your eye makeup and then you accidentally wipe off your mascara, and everything gets ruined. Yes, it is very irritating. Don’t worry, we have the solution. Again, a spoon will help you. You can hold a spoon on your eyes and then apply mascara. This way you will not be able to wipe off your extra makeup and mascara. This way, the residual waste of mascara will be accumulated on the surface of the spoon rather than on your eyes, thus working as a shield. 

  •  Use Saline solution to revive mascara 

There is a situation when your mascara tube dries up even before its expiry date. How to handle this situation? Well, this can be hacked with the help of a saline solution. You can add a few drops of saline solution into the dried mascara tube, and leave it for a few minutes. Your mascara will be ready to work efficiently and properly. 

Tip: Do not use your mascara tube after three months. Make sure you are consuming it for under three months once opened. This is because, after a certain period, mascara can collect bacteria and other harmful foreign particles that can be harmful to your eyes, even leading to an eye infection. 

  •  Use a hair dryer to heat your eyelash curler

This tip will help you a lot. You must get stressed sometimes when you are done with your eyelashes and they spill. This can be handled very easily. You can use a hairdryer to dry your done eyelash curls to avoid any sort of smudge. Make sure you are not giving maximum heat to your eyes or eyelash; this can harm your eyes. Use moderate temperature and only apply it for a few seconds. This will also clamp down your lashes with the curl. 

  •  Use translucent powder to plump your lashes

If you want to plump your lashes, then apply a small amount of translucent setting powder between the coats of mascara. This will set the mascara perfectly, giving you plump eyes. You will be getting extra volume with a fuller complexion. 

  •  Tip to apply eyelash glue

How do you apply eyelash glue on your lashes, by hand? Not anymore. You can use a bobby pin to apply eyelash glue on your lashes. Bobby’s pin will avoid any spread and any other sort of inconvenience in applying glue on lashes. 

  •  Use tissue and powder to set your lip color

Many times you face problems in setting your lip color, but not anymore. Use a tissue and a small amount of setting powder. To grab budging lips with extra volume, lay a tissue over your mouth, spread the translucent powder, and then swipe on your shade. This way your lipstick will give a glossier look with the best results. 

  •  The use of petroleum jelly

If you want to use your eyeshadow as a lip shade, you can also mix the loose pigments with petroleum jelly. This way you can also use it on your lip shade. This makeup tip will help you on many occasions. 

  •  Use a brush handle as a contour guide

You can use your brush handle as a contour guide, didn’t know before? This easiest trick will help you on different occasions. Draw a small triangle below your eyes and complete the process. Now, you are ready for the party. Just wear your corset dress, with stunning eye makeup and you will look gorgeous. 

  •  Blot your oil with a clean toilet seat cover

It sounds gross, but it isn’t. You might not be knowing the fact that both blotting paper and toilet seat cover are good absorbers. This can easily soak all the excess oil off your skin and will make it rejuvenated. Try this, you will never regret it. 

So, these were some of the best makeup tips for eye makeup that will help you a lot. These tips and tricks will run for a lifetime and you will never regret using them. Comment down your favorite tip down in the comment section below. 

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