Finding The Best Snow Shovel
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Finding The Best Snow Shovel For You

Using a snow shovel is a chore I personally loathe. It is bad enough that it is freezing cold outside and wet, but having to bundle up and shovel snow rather than curl up with some hot cocoa can be physically painful! However, the worst part is that you will have to get that snow shovel out to repeat the job quite a few times. Of course, I have had friends who thought they were really smart and opted for a snowblower. However, with the maintenance involved, they all envy me and my snow shovel now.

Finding The Best Snow Shovel

Settling on the right kind of snow shovel

Head to any hardware store for a snow shovel and you most probably will end up feeling like me – a little boy lost among a sea of remote-controlled cars. I just could not figure out which one was a good one to buy, and so I went on a path of discovery myself – I read all of the instructions read about all of the types of models and their uses and this is what I was able to gather.

When you are looking for a snow shovel it would best to assess the amount of snow that you need to get rid of. If it is just light snowfall and you are not too far of a distance away from the curb, a standard model, with a wide scoop should do the trick for you. If, however, you have a wide driveway, have the complete picket fence and mailbox routine, then the standard scoop snow shovel will have you shoveling in a sort of relay. Once you are done, you will have to begin again.

For wider areas and heavier snowfall, look for an ergonomic snow shovel that has a scoop wide enough to give you a broader path swath, but again, keep in mind not to overload the scoop or you may end up dropping the snow rather than disposing of it.

Choosing the right kind of snow shovel

Now, if you are anything like me. You will want to look at all the innovations in snow shovels that make them easier to handle. Take for instance shovels on wheels. Now, how smart is that! Not only can you easily move these around, but you can also literally scoop and scoot to the dumping point and consequently get the job done faster. It’s also much better for your back.

There is also another version of snow shovels, which are powered. These are models that come with scoop shovels as well as snow blowers. You can alternate the use depending on how you like to get your work done.

When looking through the number of snow shovel models around. I was most taken up by the ones that required the use of two hands while shoveling. This actually gave me a better grip while getting the job done. The last thing anyone needs is to slip with the shovel on a wet driveway. And out of personal experience, I can tell you, that both steel tip and plastic tip shovels are equally effective in breaking the ice in front of your home.

Buying a snow shovel took me a while. But what I have shared should help you figure what shovel to buy much faster. To help you buy your snow shovel you could read our article on Best Electric Snow Shovel Buyers Guide. 

The best snow shovel for manual use

If you do not like using electric shovels, I recommend using the rolling snow pusher. It has an amazing grip and the metal blade scrapes off snow from pathways and roadways. I also quite like its ergonomic design and consider it one of the best cheap shovels available. Although you have to put some energy into clearing snow using this one. It is ergonomically designed and will not strain your back.
Taking note of my list, if you have an old shovel that has caused you back pain and muscle aches. While cleaning your snow-laden backyard and garage, I hope you consider replacing it. Snowfall is the most challenging thing in winter. Many people need to clear loads of snow to keep their pathway and roadway clear. Buying the best snow shovel will surely make this mechanical task quite engaging and comfortable but most importantly much faster.

If your tool for shoveling snow has rusted blades, then it is high time that you buy a new one. A shovel for snow is quite suitable for urban localities such as cities and towns. Here, roadways and lanes are often blocked with heaps of snow, and taking your shovel along will only make things easier while driving through these snow-capped regions in winter.

I strongly recommended that you welcome this winter by having a good shovel on hand. You have to decide on the best snow shovel for you depending on the amount of snowfall your place of residence experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy clearing your pathway, backyard, and driveway of heaps of snow with the perfect tool this winter. Quite a few online stores offer different varieties and brands of this item.

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