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How to apply for a government grant for online web

You can find all kinds of businesses in the Singaporean territory. These businesses range from big corporations to small and medium enterprises. They come from all kinds of industries such as engineering, mining, foods and beverages, and even healthcare. That is also the reason why Singapore offers government grant for online web to these businesses.

Singapore acknowledges the fact that these businesses especially the small and medium enterprises need help for business continuity. That is why they offer different programs and policies to help these businesses thrive in Singapore. They provide government grants for online web to the small and medium enterprises to acquire funding and support in many forms.

An online store eCommerce PSG grant is one of the things that you can apply to if you want help from the government. A number of businesses apply for these kinds of grants as it has many advantages to business operations.

Their different kinds of grants in Singapore that aim to address different problems of businesses. For example, financial funding is granted to startup companies. There are also grants that help these companies connect to the international market. There are also those grants that can help companies adopt new technological innovations in advancements. 

One of the most sought-after brands in Singapore is the government grant for the online web. That is because more and more businesses want to adopt technological marketing strategies. If you want to know how to apply and acquire an online store eCommerce PSG grant that this article is for you. We will talk about the different grants for online webs and how to apply for them. 


Digital Resilience Bonus

This aims to provide additional support to businesses in the food and retail sectors. These two sectors are the targeted ones because they are the most affected because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This government grant for online web aims to help businesses in these sectors to upgrade their digital capabilities and capacities.

Businesses do not have to apply for this grant as all eligible entities can receive a payout of up to $10,000. This payout is on top of the digitalization assistance under another program. This grant can be categorized into 3 depending on what kind of solution was acquired.

For example, if your business was granted an online store eCommerce PSG grant, then you can acquire category 2 under digital solutions. This is given that you meet the eligibility criteria. 

You may apply or be eligible for more than one category and acquire all three for a maximum of $10,000 bonus. The criteria for this kind of government grant for the online web is as follows:

  • The business entity must have been incorporated on or before May 26, 2020
  • The business has adopted a PayNow Corporate and PEPPOL e-invoicing
  • The company must have used any of the qualified solutions at least once before June 30, 2021

This grant wouldn’t require the business entity to apply. Eligibility will be checked by your digital solutions provider on your behalf. The solutions provider will be the one required to submit your company to the agencies. Once your ability is verified a payout will be sent to your account.


Start Digital Pack

This grant was launched by the Info-communications Media Development Authority in Singapore. It is done in partnership with different private companies and the team to help different businesses in Singapore. Their assistance covers accounting, digital marketing, digital transactions, cybersecurity, and HR management system and payroll.

This grant is not specific to setting up an online shop per se, However, assistance is founded on different digital solutions. Merchants can apply email and SMS automation and other social media advertising for their business. 

Interested businesses can apply for a maximum of two solutions from the said categories. They are eligible to try it for a minimum of 6 months and with a contract period of at least 18 months. The following is the eligibility criteria for this government grant:

  • Only newly incorporated small and medium enterprises will be entertained
  • SMEs that are new to using digital solutions and technology
  • Each business company is eligible for one pack that is composed of two solutions

There are pre-approved solutions on the website of IMDA. Interested applicants must directly apply to the private partner mentioned above. 


Ecommerce booster package 

This government grant for the online web is also made possible by partnering with different eCommerce platforms such as Shoppe, Amazon, Qoo10, and Lazada Singapore. Interested applicants may choose one of these platforms to help them and different aspects. 

The grant covers departments such as product listing fulfillment advertising and promotion, workshops, product listing, channel management, and content development. These kinds of digital marketing strategies are important especially if you are a startup company. 

 this is distance can help you build an online store eCommerce PSG grant and jump-start your business. You can already list your goods and services and start telling them to your clients. Partnering with the said private eCommerce platforms can help you build a brand. 

This partnership is also beneficial especially with a very competitive space or economy such as Singapore. The partnership can help the startup to attract more customers there for gaining higher profit. These private entities can help them top an already established market and customer base. 

The following things must be met if you want to apply for this grant:

  • The business must be registered and is currently operating in Singapore
  • It must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • The company’s annual turnover should not exceed $100 million as per the most recent audited report
  • A company with more than 200 employees will not be eligible
  • The business entity should also not have any existing account with the chosen eCommerce platform
  • All interested applicants can only apply to one eCommerce platform

Just like the start digital pack, this grant allows applicants to directly process applications to the eCommerce platform of their choice. 


Productivity solutions grant

This grant was launched by Enterprise Singapore. It aims to help different merchants to adapt to different IT solutions. These solutions are to improve business operations and enhance other aspects of the business. Approved merchants can also build online store eCommerce PSG grant through this assistance. 

This grant was launched back in April 2018 and is targeted to help small and medium enterprises. Since the pandemic started its financial funding has increased by up to 80% off the approved costing. This grant offers to build an eCommerce platform and other digital solutions services to approved merchants. 

Its assistance ranges from IT solutions, consultancy services, and IT equipment. If you want to apply the following are the criteria to be meant:

  • The interested applicant must be registered and operating in Singapore
  • The company should be interested in purchasing leasing or subscribing to an ic solution or equipment that will be used in Singapore
  • For selected solutions, the company must have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

The application will be done through the Business Grants Portal provided by the Singaporean government. Before applying it is important to remember that they would require a quotation of the IT solution that you want to acquire. 


Apply for a grant today

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