Overeating Habit

How To Head Off Overeating Habit In Work From Home

In covid 19 situations, many multinational big companies offering their employees work from home till back to a normal situation in this category. Mostly Information technologies-related firms are on tops like google, Facebook, hp, and many more offering work at home with this situation. There are many IT employees are sitting at home for work. At home means free to eat whatever they want and no limit to eating at all.

IN the USA many nutrition predications there is obesity increase. Those who are working from home for a long time without activities and work pressure stress become them. Obeys and facing other problems as well like stress, depression, faced ED problem as well in a long way if unusual way eating.

Coronavirus pandemic many companies give stressful work to sustain their business in current slow GDP growing market other many firms shuts their door for new. There are very fewer people are leaving their jobs. With stressful work and family distribution equally create stress starving plus easy to access refrigerator eating cheesy and trans fat foods easily taken. It is called stress eating

There is a number of search and case studies done by many university and experts. Whenever an employee feels stressed out especially at work at home this situation creates because the mind needs to find a comfort zone and eating is the first one.


Your boss and team leader are made a schedule for the meeting. Report and task for your work the same way you can make a set. Your schedule of eating and what to eat for breakfast. Lunch and dinner and what if goes small starving, Nutrients experts said there are many foods which have fiber and protein. Which you can take it no nuts and high protein foods which can be required for burn calories little. Popcorn, Fox Nuts, Oats biscuits are the best food options for the tiny starving. Because of these foods a small starving time. If you can take full belly with high fats foods and still seat front of a computer screen that can create the fats in the body. Which is harmful to men and women.


After much research is done when sitting people eat more they feel dehydrated because they confused between thirst and hunger. And basic nature people take foods rather take a healthy drink. If somehow human avoids taking the food they take coke and cold drink kind of beverages. Which can basically create fats and increase the sugar level in the body. Drink simple water which too keeps your body hydrated on time at least 4 liters of water drink daily for good leaving life. You can have other options as well to keep the body hydrated with health benefits. Which are green tea, black coffee, or tea for best.


Fruits are lots of water and vegetables also there are a few fruits. Which can you take it like watermelon, apples, grapes, oranges and in vegetables, there are tomatoes, cucumber, and others. Which have a lot of water consume you can make a salad as well for all fruits or vegetables try out. The best part of your belly can get full. And you will get all the nutrients easily from one bowl of fruit or vegetable salads.


No fried or cheese foods take a while to stress out time. There are many ways your brain cell sends signals with taking heavy food with the better test. But you stick with the plan you no store that kind of food in your fridge like cheese, pizza ingredients, fried things any kind of pack of food. Which can trans fat has high avoided that kind of food. It is also harmful to your health as well slowly. It can be killing your health and give you a bad lifestyle like obesity, sleeping disorder, constipation, dehydration. And more and big diseases like erectile dysfunction problems in men and hormonal problems in women can face.


There are many ways can manage your time schedule of eating not get lose that. And also do yoga, home exercise, etc to keep your body nervous calm. There are many pills available that can cure erectile dysfunction which called Kamagra oral jelly and tasty lip 20 mg which can resolve that issue easily.



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