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How to Utilize Questions in PPC Ads to Get More Engagement?

On a regular day when you are surfing through the internet reading about something of your interest or while you are engaging with different people on social media platforms, you come across an advertisement that asks you a witty question that prompts you to reply to it. The questions may vary from specific to general or it can simply induce an interest of yours and make you answer it. Do you wonder why that advertisement wants to record your opinion?

In this blog, we will talk about how you should utilize PPC ads and the questions to get more engagement and visitors to your web page. A proficient pay-per-click marketing agency will provide you tips and the best way to execute them.

What is PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation for Pay-Per-Click. This means whenever you see an advertisement link that says ‘click here ’, or you engage with that link by answering the question it asks, and you click on it either out of curiosity or you want to gain more info about the same, the advertiser pays a sum of money for every such click. It is a means to gain more virtual traffic and bring more visitors to your web page. By making use of PPC ads a company is buying the visitors and is not gaining them in a traditional ethical way that is a time-consuming process.

A capable PPC agency in Kolkata will provide you the best online advertising service that can benefit your online business.

Significance of using questions in advertisements

Humans are social beings. They aspire to engage with other people through different mediums. Online social platforms provide them with this opportunity. They want that their opinions and views hold some consequences. When you interact with them through questions of their interests they are bound to give a reaction to it.

This helps the businesses to identify what are their customer’s needs. You can also use PPC ads to analyze the mass of virtual visitors as well as their activities on your web pages. If you are looking for a PPC service in Kolkata to boost your brand’s awareness, you must consider that they provide you a complete insight into your PPC ad crusade.

Over here are a few words of advice that might be handy when you decide to use PPC ads as a marketing tool to get more engagement.

You want attention

Customers are the king of the market. Whatever your business is producing, it is for their final consumption. You need to have a thorough knowledge of what your customers want. You question them about relatable stuff from their surroundings. Your question should be amusing enough to catch the reader’s attention. The pattern of their responses will help in analyzing data by your pay-per-click marketing agency.

PPC ads with questions get more clicks

The users usually get ads relating to their search histories. As they read more about a product or service relating to your industry or brand they will get to see more pop-ups and flashing advertisements of the same. This personalizing of ads incite a consumer to respond because that is something they were already looking for.

This not only increases the number of visitors to your website but also improves brand awareness. There are chances that these potential visitors turn to your actual leads.

The solution to the question

Your link should always have the right and authentic solution to the problem that your PPC ad campaign questions ask. There should be no such question that your link is not answering. You should attend to every query as the customers will not directly plunge to your web page unless you have the right solution to their problems. You should make sure that the firm that provides PPC service in Kolkata will cater to this basic requirement.

Building a Brand identity

Brand identity or personality is the visible features that are characteristic of your brand. The questions you pose to the potential customers should be in connection to the product or service that you are offering to them. By doing this you are ensuring that your questions are impersonating your brand. As they represent your brand they will form the first impression about your product or service. Every capable pay-per-click marketing agency makes sure that your question is relevant and will get some response out of the customers.

When to use PPC questions?

This particular section of this page will set forth various ways in which you can use questions in your PPC ad campaign.

Direct selling

PPC ads are useful when there is a message that you need to convey to your consumers directly. Like if your ad says ‘avail scholarships on language courses’, then you do not need to ask any questions. Any person who is willing to join a language course will surely click on your advertisement. Any PPC agency in Kolkata can easily link your website to such PPC ads.

As a chatty starter

Asking questions is a good manner to start and maintain healthy conversations. You get to know more about the other person by the style of his talking. The same goes for the PPC questions. These questions can prove to be a good starting position between your brand and the potential consumers.


The questions that you ask must motivate or incite a reader to take some action. These can be include simply asking the customer to ‘download this’, ‘buy now ’, ‘sign-up for free ’, etc. This PPC question will take the customer directly to your website. This will increase the number of visitors and create brand awareness. A pay-per-click marketing agency will devise the advertisement campaign in such a way that it prompts some action.

Introduce a solution

Start your question by giving a solution to a relatable issue that the reader might be facing. For example, ‘looking for a shampoo to control hair fall?’ The viewer will get an idea by reading this line that your brand deals with hair care products. He will be willing to visit your web page if the ad suits his requirements. An efficient provider of PPC service in Kolkata will help you in designing an effective advertisement.

The Digital marketing services provided by the Hub Media Company make sure that your PPC questions have the following qualities.

  • They should not be superficial or out of the blue but should be natural and relatable to the daily issues a customer might be facing.
  • The questions should be minimal, that is, they should be nominal yet eye-catching.
  • They should be understandable then only you can get a response out of the customers.
  • The question should have a positive tone. You should be able to anticipate the answer to your question.


A pay-per-click marketing agency makes sure that you engage with your customers on various levels. Questions induce interest in a consumer and make them take a certain action that is favorable for your business. These advertisement questions set a conversational or chatty tone to get more engagement on the web pages.

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