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POD System or Vape: What to Choose for Electronic Smoking?

Quite recently, a brand new concept of electronic signature has been introduced in the market. Some smokers are there who unsuccessfully try to get rid of the bad habit. They have a chance now to take this event as a unique chance. Conversely, some find e-cigarettes the best alternative to smoking. In this way, they move to switch to a gentle smoking regime.

Initially, it was a device that people intend to replace deadly tobacco smoking with a similar but less harmful process. The first samples were even visually indistinguishable from a cigarette from a regular pack. Nevertheless, the experts continued to give directions, and derivatives from the prototype – an electronic cigarette – appeared on the market.

Evolution has ignored the design in favor of the efficiency and functionality of smoking devices and new models have appeared, the names of which have introduced some confusion in the definition of devices, which, in principle, remain the same electronic gadgets for smoking.

Let us figure out what is behind the concepts of “under” and “vaping”, how it works, what you should pay attention to, and what you should be afraid of when coming to the idea of abandoning classic cigarettes in favor of electronic ones.

History of smoking devices

Like any prototype, the first electronic cigarettes were far from perfect, so each subsequent model received not only a new design but was modernized, getting rid of some of the shortcomings of its predecessors.

Initially, these were compact evaporators of low power with non-removable and removable cartridge compartments, which were used to put nicotine-containing liquids into a cigarette. Non-removable units were completed with disposable devices that were disposed of when the puff limit was reached, for example, products from Pons. 

Each subsequent generation of smoking electronics was tastier and more efficient in terms of steam production, which actually became the reason for the name of this category of devices – vapes because, in English, vape is steam. 

Modern vapes can make various settings and adjustments to taste levels.

Summing up the concept of “vape”, we note the following features of this type of electronic cigarettes:

  • Abundant steam generation
  • Dimensions to accommodate powerful batteries
  • A large volume of tanks for smoking liquid
  • The presence of a screen and adjustment
  • Serviceable atomizer for self-replacement of the heating element

Vape is a healthier alternative to hookah, which has minor functional and price differences from a simple e-cigarette.

POD systems – another type of electronic cigarettes

The design of the POD system includes a powerful battery compartment and a detachable unit. This detachable unit stores a cartridge with stocks of the smoking mixture. Evolution has worked on the shape of the cigarette, taking as a basis a rectangle or parallelepiped, which is more acceptable for solid batteries, and displaced the reference cylinder. The changed format gave development to the mode direction having several batteries connected in series or parallel, adding solidity and weight to the devices in the physical concept of the word. These vapes can be packed in different styles of CBD Packaging boxes.

What are POD systems?

There are two types of e-smoking devices: nicotine-containing liquids and sticks filled with tobacco. The main difference between the POD systems of the first and second types is in the principle of smoking. In the first case, the evaporation process of nicotine from the liquid is initiated, which brings the device as close as possible to a conventional electronic cigarette. In the second, tobacco heating up to 300-350, which is in the stick, emits nicotine-containing vapors.

The structure of the floating pod-system consists of:

  • Battery pack
  • A cartridge with a tank
  • Heating coil

The liquid for smoking is added until the coil fails, then the coil cartridge is replaced. As a basic principle, its resource, depending on the frequency of use, lasts for several weeks or months. They may also differ:

  • In type of control (manual or automatic)
  • In the presence of an information display
  • In the presence or absence of control buttons

The POD stick system, or vaporizer, generates vapors from heated tobacco mixed with glycerin. The stick resource is a couple of hundred puffs, after which it changes to a new one. A beautiful and expensive representative of this type of system is IQOS. The main difference between such devices is their size and the power to generate a nicotine-containing environment.

POD-systems on the positive

If you have an idea to buy a sub-system, take a close look at its benefits. In general, they consist of the following advantages:

  • Sufficient performance to quickly satisfy nicotine hunger
  • Absence of carcinogenic combustion products
  • Compactness and efficiency of devices
  • Lack of unpleasant odors
  • Fire safety
  • The possibility of hardware control over the smoking process
  • Absolutely harmless to people around smokers
  • A wide range of flavors

It is believed that for those who have decided to completely quit smoking and have chosen an electronic device as an adequate replacement for the transition period, a liquid evaporator will be the best option. Another important point here is that all vape mods packaging boxes have all the information related to the product. Therefore, it is necessary to read these boxes thoroughly before using these cartridges.

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