Road Trip to Denver: 5 Really Impressive Sights

Denver is the capital and largest city of Colorado, an important economic and cultural center of the region. Despite its commercial focus, Denver is also a very attractive destination from a travel point of view. Moreover, it’s one of the ten most-visited cities in the United States. 

What do travelers find in Denver? Like many cities in America, it has its own Downtown with iconic museums and interesting government buildings. The proximity of the mountains is also another attractive leisure option. Therefore, you can confidently plan your vacation to Denver, paying special attention to the transport issue, as this is the key to a successful trip. 

We recommend using a rental car to get around the city. Providing high-quality and cheap cars, Avis Denver airport will be a great choice. 

So, Denver’s amazing sights are waiting for you. Here are some of the best ones to explore on your road trip…

Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol is a historic building from 1894 that hosts the Colorado General Assembly. It’s open to visitors during periods when there are no meetings. 

Its architecture looks amazing. The hallmark of the Colorado State Capitol is a golden dome. More precisely, it’s made of copper but covered with a thin layer of gold leaf. The interior of the building is decorated with very rare pink onyx, while the floors are covered with white marble. The lovely stained glass windows are also worth special attention – they display scenes from historical events that took place in Colorado. 

In addition to the architecture itself, you will be interested in the information presented here about the gold rush.=

Larimer Square

Want to explore the old part of Denver? Drive your rental car to Larimer Street, which has preserved Victorian buildings in the form of art galleries, shops and cafes, as well as several Mexican restaurants. This enclave of elegant shops, restaurants, and beer bars is the busiest place in the city, where life is in full swing almost all the time. 

Larimer Square is formed by courtyards and vaulted galleries, illuminated by gas lamps. However, you can catch the real piece of old Denver in the 1892 Brown Palace Hotel. Its spacious lobby is the exquisite forerunner of the glass-roofed atrium of modern hotel skyscrapers.

Mount Evans 

With a height of 4,310 meters, Mount Evans is located relatively close to Denver. The highest paved road in North America, Mount Evans Scenic Byway, leads to the top of this mountain. Therefore, it’s a great experience to travel there in a rental car. Keep in mind: due to the high altitude of the mountain, the road to Evans Peak is closed for the winter and usually opens at the end of May. 

On the way to the top, one can observe a change in three ecological zones – from dense ancient forests to solid bare stones, with practically no vegetation except for some plants that have adapted to high altitudes above sea level. 

The first kilometers of the road passes through a green dense forest. You won’t see many interesting sights. Although there are special places on the side of the road where you can stop and admire the amazing landscapes of unspoiled nature. 

The next stop is Echo Lake – a great place for fishing, barbecuing, and walking. Having driven off not far from the lake, there’s a checkpoint, where you should pay $10 per car for entering the area. Then, the road continues to spin like a snake. 

After getting to the top, you’ll enjoy the amazing view and the stunningly fresh air. If you visit it in the spring, you will see many flowers with the remnants of snow on the top. Also, there’s the opportunity to see mountain goats!

Denver Botanical Gardens 

Denver Botanic Gardens is a great place to take a walk surrounded by lush vegetation. Located in the heart of the city, you can easily find this place with a rental car. 

Denver Botanical Gardens opened in 1951. The park, with a total area of ​​9.3 hectares, contains a large collection of diverse plants and has several themed gardens. Today, it comprises 23 acres of immaculately manicured grounds with an educational center. 

More than 32,000 plants from various countries have been planted on the main site. 45 gardens cover 9 hectares. The iconic hallmark is a humid tropical rainforest that fills the 1960s domed greenhouse.

Other impressive features include outdoor playgrounds in the Plains Garden, the Japanese Tea House, the Water Gardens, and the Alpine Rock Garden. Tons of rocks were used to create slopes and berms over an area of 0.4 hectares, making this site one of the most beautiful in North America.

Rocky Mountains National Park

Located on the continental divide in north-central Colorado between Fort Collins and Boulder, this place is a marvelous land of sky-high peaks. With more than 150 lakes, mountain rapids, alpine tundra, virgin forests, and diverse flora and fauna, this is a great reason to rent a car and set off to explore this beautiful area. 

The largest mountain in the park is Longs Peak with a height of 4,345 meters, rising in the western part of the reserve. Another well-known site is Bear Lake at the foot of Hallett Peak with many hiking trails starting there.

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