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Social Media: A Blessing In Disguise

Have you wondered how life would have been without technology? Imagine living a life without mobile phones, computers, the internet, and most importantly without Social Media. Social Media applications or social networking sites as we know have become daily part of lived and impact our lifestyle. These applications are perhaps the best creation of technology as they offer an open space to all its users to perform an array of different activities without any difficulty.

If you have an account in single or multiple social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Connected, and others, you must have noticed that these applications enjoy millions of social media users daily. All these users are either for entertainment purposes, educational purposes or to spend their leisure time by doing or looking at something creative.

Social Media applications have become a part of our daily lives. When it comes to sharing our opinions or expressing our emotions to the world. Social media applications are the best place for this cause. These applications provide a limitless number of opportunities to all the users to do things that were earlier considered impossible.

For example, friends or family members who lived across the borders had to wait for years to look at each others’ faces. However, with the advent of these social media applications. People can now face time their near and dear ones in a matter of seconds and chat with them for hours without any disturbance. All they need is a mobile phone or computer and an active internet connection.

However, apart from all these things that you can see in front of your eyes. There is one such thing that social media does for you in disguise. Can you guess?

A Blessing In Disguise: But How?

We do not want you to strain your brain, hence here is the answer. In this competitive world, everyone wants to settle down as soon as possible. However, in order to settle down in life, one has to arrange for a job that becomes a regular source of income. Money matters, hence a good job also matters. If you were to search for every single job manually. It would take days for you to get a particular job of your choice.

But social media does these things for you in disguise. A company looks for a candidate that has all kinds of skills and good experience. If you use any social media application, each one of them has a profile feature where you can infinite number of things according to your preference. These things include your experience, skills, certificates, etc.

As your profile is now ready in these applications. A company or an HR can directly look at your profile without even contacting you. It saves both time and money. If the company or its HR finds all the required details that they are searching for in a candidate. There are chances that you might receive a call from a prestigious institution to join them.

This is the main reason why we consider Social Media as a blessing in disguise. Do let us know what you think of social media and how have these applications benefited you in your daily life.

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