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The Right Time To Trim Evergreens

Having evergreens in your yard brings a balance and sense of relief to the landscape. They provide amazing texture and various green depths. Based on where you have settled, they can be even used for much-needed privacy without compromising on the greenery during the harsh cold month when there are no leaves left on your deciduous trees and shrubs. 

Evergreens are very tough and provide reliability especially if you keep the right caring methods for them with tree services Sydney. Do not get mistaken that they wouldn’t require any pruning or maintenance since they also demand equal love and attention and can go out of shape or die if left unattended.

Although most of the evergreens wouldn’t require any pruning since they already have a unique shape but still then provide them the timely trimming since it has several other benefits as well apart from having a unique shape. For instance, if you carefully prune the dead, hanging, broken, or diseased branches from the tree, it helps in boosting their health. It also improves the aesthetics of your tree if shaping is done correctly.

Once you have already decided that you will move forward with the pruning of evergreens, the next thing that comes to your mind will be the best time to trim evergreens? In this segment, we will be exploring the right time to prune evergreen, what problems we could face based on the evergreen we are dealing with.

Best time to prune evergreens:

There are always some specific reasons attached to prune the evergreens. Restrict yourself from pruning the evergreens for the namesake and have a good purpose in mind before moving forward. This is because if you overdo the pruning, you might be inviting various diseases or pests to them or simply impact the current healthy state of your tree since it will be under a lot of stress.

You can look up for few reasons to prune the evergreens-

  • To remove dead, infected, or damaged branches
  • Maintain the health of a plant
  • Maintain the good size
  • Provide them a specific shape during the growth

Apart from having a specific idea in your mind, using the correct pruning method based on the evergreen present is a very vital choice you can make in this process. 

Here look at some of the type of plants you might have to deal with-

  • Broadleaf evergreen with foliage that is not needle-like
  • Conifers have needles evergreens as you see with spruce and pine along with the flat scaled leafy tires such as arborvitae and cypress.
  • With the deciduous trees such as maples and some oaks, they start to give up on their leaves during the fall and regrow themselves in the spring. Then we have needle-leaved trees such as deciduous conifers that end up giving their needles in the fall post providing color. Some of the trees with these features are bald cypress and dawn redwood.

How to prune conifers?

Pruning conifers take a different approach than deciduous trees. Conifers won’t ask for much pruning if you have been correct initially while planting it in the right space with ample room to grow. However, when you will be pruning it, the best time to do it in winter or early spring followed by after the new season’s growth in late June or July.

How to prune deciduous trees?

The notion of pruning deciduous trees during the fall is very false since it is not applicable in all cases. This is because trees tend to store all the carbohydrates and get prepared for dormancy. If you have to prune in the fall anyway, get in touch with a professional arborist from tree services Sydney since their methods will be the finest. This way your tree will be at the lowest risk while you can take care of your beloved landscape investments. The best time however to prune them would be in, winter or early spring say December to early April.

How to prune broadleaf evergreens?

Are you looking to prune broadleaf evergreens? Well, you have to manage different timings with them compared to conifers and other evergreens. With the broadleaf evergreens, you can get started in early spring or mid-summer. Boxwoods have also been a popular choice with the landscape plants’ preference. They are also well suited for pruning since they handle it nicely.

Best time to prune evergreen shrubs:

Your trimming session would be incomplete if you don’t pay attention to your evergreen shrubs and especially when they go well with the mix. The best time to approach these bushes would be during late March or early April during the new growth. However, during the fall, you should avoid pruning evergreen shrubs otherwise they tend to catch more winter injury.


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