Why are Steel bars used to strengthen the concrete?

Steel bars are very commonly used in construction because of their ability to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension. Concrete itself is a strong material, but everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. Concrete has firm compression-only its tension is fragile. So, to compensate for that disadvantage, we use steel bars which vital the tension in the concrete and strength of overall material become strong to carry lots of loads over it.

There are many uses of Reinforcement bars, also known as Steel Bars. A few of them are discussed below:

  • The first and foremost purpose of using Steel Bars is to support loads. There are different loads like dead load, wind load, earthquake load, live load and many more. Buildings are designed loads, and then Steel is used to support that designed loads.
  • The second primary purpose of use of the steel bars is; for durability, providing resistance to limit cracking and also for temperature-induced stresses.
  • It is also used to stand against concentrated loads.
  • Steel bars are also used to constrain masonry structures.

Manufacturing of Steel to form steel bars:

Steel is melted at a high temperature to form Steel Bars, also known as Rebars. Rebars are formed from the Steel of grade 250. This grade of Steel contains 99% of iron with manganese, carbon, Sulphur and phosphorous. The content of carbon is different in different steels.

Steel bars manufacture in different types;

  • Round
  • Square-twisted
  • Ribbed
  • Stretched, twisted and ribbed
  • Ribbed and twisted

Above all are the types of steel bars used in different projects in construction. The demand for steel bars is increasing day by day as our construction projects need a large quantity of Steel to use in different construction projects.

How do I know about the steel bars?

Recently I was looking up a plot to make my farmhouse. Location is the prime factor if you want to construct a farmhouse. From the location, you get the feel of the farmhouse. I searched many prominent societies for that, including Bahria Town, DHA, and many more.

I contacted many property agents to show some good locations for my farmhouse. One of the agents suggests I to built a farmhouse in Bahria Education and medical society. Reasons behind selecting Bahria education and medical city;

Firstly, it is located far away from the city and surrounded by villages. The greenery gives a soothing and relaxing environment. Secondly, the society itself is elegant and clean. So, I thought it was the perfect location for my farmhouse.

I booked two canals of plot over there. I got the possession after the whole legal procedure. All this was the one part of my story. The other part is all about the construction of my farmhouse and how I got to know the importance of the Steel Bars.

I hired a company for the construction of my farmhouse. They showed me some fantastic samples for the interior. They advised me to use Steel mostly. Firstly, are looking amazing and secondly, it is very inexpensive.

They showed me some fantastic samples of steelwork. For that, they allowed me to select the company from which I wanted to buy the different products of Steel for my farmhouse construction and interior.

Searching for the company and found MODEL STEEL MILLS, it is a company that is selling one of the best steel bars in Lahore. I got all Steel I need to make my farmhouse from them.

Best Model Steel Mill as a company:

The Model Steel is selling the Best Steel Bars in the city. Model steel is famous because of the uniqueness of its products. They have a very fantastic range of steel products. The unique thing in their products is the names of the product. They named different products according to the abilities that Steel possesses.

Their working ethics are outstanding. Their ethics include truth, sincerity and quality of their products. They never compromise on the all mentioned ethics. This is the essential part of their success.

The thing which impresses me to buy Steel from them was their reputation. They are famous on the grounds of honesty. People trust them, and they make that trust through hard work and honesty.

The model steel mill sells a wide range of Steel Bars. They have a proper research centre, where their technicians search about the new products. And they also a have laboratory where they test all the manufactured products before handling them to the client.

They never lie with their customers about the quality of the product they are selling. Because I bought a massive amount of Steel from them, they gave me a discount as a token of thanks. I found this thing very impressive. Whenever I will construct my own house, I will definitely buy steel from them.

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